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Doamin Appraisers

Here is the list of Domain Appraisers Services
  1. Domain Appraisal King
  3. 3 Character Domain Prices
  4. About Domain Name Appraisals
  5. AccurateDomains
  6. Afternic Appraisals
  7. Amptron
  8. Back of the Envelope
  9. Domain Appraisal
  10. DomainMart
  11. DomainTops
  13. DomainValuer
  14. Dotlog
  15. Estibot
  17. Moniker
  18. Name Boy
  19. Sedo
  20. SwiftAppraisal
  21. VentureNames






















Domain Marketplaces and Domain Listing Services

Here is the list of  Domain Marketplaces and Domain Listing Services, These websites offer the opportunity to buy or sell domain names.
  2. iGoldrush Domain Showcase
  5. Acorn Domain Auctions
  6. Afternic
  7. BaseFile Domain Name Catalog
  8. Boxcar
  9. BuyDomains
  13. DN Forum
  15. DomainBarn
  17. eBay Domain Category
  18. eBusinessDomains
  20. Fabulous Domains
  21. Free Name Exchange
  22. GoDaddy Auctions
  23. GreatDomains
  24. MaxDomains
  25. Moniker Marketplace
  26. NameCake
  27. NamePros Marketplace
  29. Premium Domains
  30. Sedo
  31. SitePoint Marketplace
  32. Ultimate Domains
  33. URL Merchant
  35. Websitebroker

How to Report Marketing Results to Your Clients

Here is video recording of the webinar and the slides from the webinar, How to Report Marketing Results to Clients for those who missed this remarkable webinar of HubSpot Partner Series.  Following are the main item you will will learn

  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Blogging
  • Email Marketing
  • * Lead Generation

20 Social Media Activities for Online Presence Management You Could Do Everyday

If you are not social media savvy and looking for personal branding or want to promote your business. The time management and your strategy on social networks will be your primary concern. Your good online presence and building professional and business relationship would not be possible by just creating basic profile, adding few friends and by publishing few posts and photos. I would like to share my personal secrets with you which can beneficial to start building your social media empire.


  1. Post status message daily on specific intervals with something engaging and interesting.
  2. Respond to all comments on your walls with concise and precise words.
  3. Comments on at least 7-10 known people’s status or updates within your network.
  4. Share upto 3-5 interesting updates that you find worthy for your friends.
  5. Wish birthdays to your friends, participate in discussion of groups or comments of fan pages you are following.


  1. Reply all mentions with full responses and details rather just saying thanks.
  2. Find 7-10 interesting and worthy things for retweeting in appeared in your timeline.
  3. Admire and recommend few people from your network, it shows your interest, mindsets and you will get same response back.
  4. Follow back at least 10-20  followers and avoid who are just seems to promote their websites and businesses.
  5. Spend 10-20 minutes to find out tweeples of same interest and manage them in your lists.


  1. Write the occasional post promoting the good work of a blog in your community
  2. Visit your blog’s comments section and comment back on at least 5 replies.
  3. Visit the blogs of the commenter if you have a few minutes more in hand and read a post or two and comment back.
  4. While on those sites, use a tool like Digg and StumbleUpon to promote their good work you will get same favor back.
  5. Share your blog’s important posts on your Facebook profile and  twitter.


  1. Accept any invitations that make sense for you to accept.
  2. If you’re growing your network invite folks whom business cards you received recently.
  3. Participate into Q&A and see if you can voluntarily help to answer 2-3 questions.
  4. Recommend every few days for people you can honestly and fully recommend.
  5. Add any relevant slide decks to the Slideshare app there, or books to the Amazon bookshelf.

Is it worthy to do daily?

Maintaining your online presence takes time. If you look at all I’ve listed above, that’s easily more than an hour of work. But it depends what the value of that presence is to you, if you’re doing this as an individual, or to your organization, if you’re doing this on behalf of a brand or product.

We’ve traded dollars for time, in lots of these equations, as we see the return on our advertising spend diminish. It’s your choice whether you want to maintain an active online presence, or if you want to get away with a bit less.

Please share thoughts and feedback below.

How to share access of Google Webmaster account with other users

Today I received a question in my mail box through SEO Professional Group that “how to check the backlinks of any website recorded by Google”. It will be in your knowledge that Google link: operator is no more fetching updated stats of backlinks and only webmaster can see these details from Google Webmaster Area. However many website owner can’t share the credentials of their Google accounts as same account are used with email, Google Adwords, Analytics etc.

However still many folks are not aware that now you can add multiple user for individual domains as owner.

Following are the steps to follow

  1. Logon to your Google Webmasters account.
  2. On your Dashboard (Home Page) you will have list of domains which you have added in your account; under the verification column (if you have already verified that you are owner of the domain) you need to click on Add or
    remove owners.
  3. On next page click on “Add a user…” button. provide the email address of the person whom you want to provide the access.
  4. Click the continue button.
  5. Ask the granted user to logon on google webmaster with the email address submitted above in step 3; domain(s) will be listed there with complete data. Enjoy.

If you have any question don’t hesitate to post in comments.

Social Media and Brand Monitoring Tools

Alterian SM2
Alterian SM2 is a social media monitoring and analysis solution designed for PR and Marketing professionals. SM2 helps you track conversations, review positive/negative sentiment for your brand, clients, competitors and partners across social media channels such as blogs, wikis, micro-blogs, social networks, video/photo sharing sites and real-time alerts.
Real-time Internet conversations occur on many platforms from blogs to social media sites and new web superstars like Twitter. Tools that you have used in the past, like Google or their email alerts cannot keep pace with these conversations. is a Social Search engine and a Conversation Mine that looks into the heart of digital conversations and engages across multiple networks simultaneously. We are an intelligent data service provider to enterprise. We are a powerful social network tool for individual users.

Attentio Brand Dashboard Standard Edition is useful in a smaller company environment with a limited brand portfolio allows you to start analyzing the buzz around your brands or products, giving you access  to visualize buzz trends, multi-language sentiment  and event detection.

Using Attentio Brand Dashboard Enterprise Edition you can analyze the buzz of brands in different countries. You can share findings and compare the performance of the brands in different countries.

Biz360 offers 3 market intelligence solutions which enable businesses to better understand their customers, influencer communities, the press and the investment community. These solutions deliver ongoing insights that shape market perception, response to competitive threats, evaluation of trends and issues and improved return on marketing investments.

BrandsEye traces and assesses your online presence and provides you with a real-time Reputation Score for both you and your competitors. This allows companies to monitor the sentiments and opinions of their own customers, while making educated judgements about how to respond to attacks on their online reputation.

As it operates in real-time, BrandsEye also allows you to react immediately to any mentions of your brand, providing you with the opportunity to turn negative attacks around; neutralizing, or even improving perceptions around your brand.

Brandwatch is a Social Media monitoring system. It reads through and summarizes what’s being said on the web so you don’t have to.

You really don’t need more data. On the internet, you have data coming out of your ears. What we all need is relevant information with the hard work taken out of it. This is what Brandwatch is all about. It’s the 21st Century answer to a press clippings service.

BuzzLogic is a digital media company with a data-driven ad platform built to optimize advertising across the largest pool of trusted blog content on the web. We combine proprietary conversational analytics with industry-leading audience targeting data to maximize performance – and provide contextual insight to boost results.

Collective Intellect
Collective Intellect(CI) goes far beyond basic awareness metrics to capture consumer consideration and preference metrics and insights from social media and private data sources, enabling partners and clients to glean actionable analysis faster, more cost effectively, and with better data purity than any other method.

CI’s software platform provides automated semantic analytics to allow users to explore key consumer insights and opinions by automatically capturing large, relevant data sets through topic categorization, which is filtered into themes, terms, dimensions, and personas. These qualitative results are then validated, quantified, and turned into highly actionable insights.

Crimson Hexagon
Understand what the online conversation really means for your brand. Our VoxTrot Listening Platform distills meaning — with mathematical precision — from the cloudy torrent of opinion, information and data available online.

Our technology, based on groundbreaking work conducted at Harvard University’s Institute for Quantitative Social Science, distills meaning about brands, products, services, markets and competitors from the online conversation.

Digimind tracks what people are saying about your company and its products so that you can immediately identify threats and opportunities. If a false rumor is being spread about your product, you can rebut it before it obtains wide circulation. If blogger likes a feature of your product, you can reinforce the message by issuing a press release.

Responding more quickly to market perceptions and concerns will help increase revenues. Brand and product managers get connected in real-time to consumer opinions and can measure the impact of the communication acts.

As the global leader for on-demand software for real-time reputation management, dnaEnterprise provides complete visibility into global reputation.

It enables communicators to securely align team members, plan the synchronized delivery of messages, and engage with stakeholders through traditional and social media channels.

Dow Jones Insight
Dow Jones Insight gives you a 360° view of events and conversations wherever they’re happening – in print, online or on video, from New York to Iran to China – plus the tools and expertise to synthesize millions of news articles and social media posts into meaningful reports.

Listen more strategically to the news and buzz affecting your organization and your brand, gain a better understanding of how your campaigns are performing and leverage additional tools and services for enriching your media research and analysis.

See what others are saying about your company in realtime on Twitter, social networks, blogs and thousands of online news outlets. Get alerted when a customer comments somewhere online and respond quickly. People are talking about your company, your brand, and your industry right now…are you listening? Are you participating? FiltrBox was recently acquired by Jive Software.

ImpactWatch gives you the power to monitor and measure all of your traditional and social media coverage in real-time from an easy-to-use online dashboard. From the New York Times to Engadget to Twitter, ImpactWatch allows you to know what is going on as it happens.

ListenLogic provides world-class consumer and market intelligence that helps clients make better decisions. By combining innovative with expert analysis, ListenLogic delivers relevant, timely insights into markets, consumers and competitors.

ListenLogic’s patented RESONATE™ technology uses supercomputing to monitor hundreds of millions of online sources in real-time and machine-learning technology and advanced natural language processing to ensure extreme relevance. ListenLogic allows those in brand management, market research, sales and customer service to easily monitor social media while dedicated ListenLogic expert industry analysts provide monthly insights/trend reports and continuous real-time insights and answers that enable timely, well-informed decisions across the enterprise.

Market IQ
Market IQ is the leading provider of market intelligence via the monitoring of online media and content sources. With the current “information overload” that corporates are faced with on a daily basis, Market IQ has designed a product which extracts just the information you require and delivers it to your desktop. We monitor several thousand sources every hour ensuring you are always aware of the most current information. We strive to be the most comprehensive provider of information to the communication, marketing and research industries. Established in 1995, Market IQ has fast become an indispensable provider of business intelligence to the corporate market.

nGenera Social Media
nGen Social Media is a sophisticated collection of tools to identify, monitor, and respond to customer conversations on a variety of social mediums.  To solve the problem of “not knowing what you don’t know,” nGen Social Media scans multiple social networking outlets using its Listening and Sentiment Analysis Platform.  The platform swiftly identifies customer chatter, prioritizes the incident using sentiment-assessing technology, and routes the incident to the appropriate agent just like a traditional customer-initiated inquiry.  How the incident is handled can be controlled based on business rules so that the most pressing issues are addressed first, ensuring high-value customers are taken care of and cutting off the broadcast of an issue to a larger audience, ultimately protecting the integrity of your brand.

Nielson BuzzMetrics
Every day, millions of consumers converse in online communities, discussion boards, blogs and social networks. They turn to the Internet to share opinions, advice, grievances and recommendations. Are you listening, connecting and responding in a way that protects and promotes your brand? Nielsen’s BuzzMetrics services deliver trusted brand metrics, meaningful consumer insights and real-time market intelligence to help clients apply the power of consumer-generated media (CGM) to their businesses.

People are sharing stories about your company online. Understand what they are saying – their sentiment, needs, and desires – at all times. Our listening system, OpenMic™, continuously reads and analyzes online conversations about your company or comments sent directly to you in email, SMS, or web forms.

Real-time internet conversations occur on many platforms, from blogs to social media sites and new web superstars like Twitter. Tools that you have used in the past, such as Google or its email alerts, cannot keep pace with these conversations.

PeopleBrowsr is a social search engine and a ‘conversation mine’ that looks into the heart of digital conversations and engages across multiple networks simultaneously. PeopleBrowsr is an intelligent data service provider to business enterprise, and a powerful social network tool for individual users.

Pursway provides the only solution that enables you to deploy an all encompassing Influencer Marketing strategy that can serve your entire marketing organization as well as all other customer touch points. And while our solution is broad and deep, you can start small and grow into it.

By enhancing the richness of social media metrics atop web analytics data, brands can see the impact of social media content on their own website traffic, conversions, and sales. And with easy SalesForce integration, Radian6 users can see at a glance which content is coming from their customers and prospects, and add new contacts, cases and leads with a single click.

RightNow Cloud Monitor
RightNow Cloud Monitor will help you listen and participate in the multitude of consumer conversations happening in the social cloud. The application gives contact center agents the ability to monitor conversations about your products and your brand, and then identify and prioritize actionable next steps—whether they need to engage consumers directly, redirect them to a different service channel, create a service case, or simply continue to monitor the discussion.   Cloud Monitor is complemented by RightNow Cloud Links, which helps bolster your presence in the social networking world. With Cloud Links, you can include links to social network sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Flickr in personalized surveys and outbound mailings created using RightNow Marketing and Feedback.

SAS Social Media Analytics
SAS Social Media Analytics integrates, analyzes and enables organizations to act on intelligence gleaned from online conversations occurring across professional and consumer-generated media sites. It enables organizations to attribute online conversations to specific parts of their business, allowing an accelerated response to shifts in the marketplace.

Scout Labs
Scout Labs is a powerful, web-based application that tracks social media and finds signals in the noise to help your team build better products and stronger customer relationships.

Social Mention
Social Mention is a social media search and analysis platform that aggregates user generated content from across the universe into a single stream of information.

It allows you to easily track and measure what people are saying about you, your company, a new product, or any topic across the web’s social media landscape in real-time. Social Mention monitors 100+ social media properties directly including: Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed, YouTube, Digg, Google etc.

(Free Tool)

Spiral16 is an informatics software company whose web-based toolset, Spark, accurately monitors, measures, and analyzes key Internet conversations surrounding a client’s brand initiatives. Utilizing a powerful and innovative data virtualization engine, the dashboard displays causal relationships between conversations allowing businesses a clear view of their true marketing influencers.

Spredfast is a social media initiative management platform that allows an organization to manage, monitor, and measure its voices across multiple social media channels. Spredfast also offers a white label option perfect for agencies.

Synthesio helps marketing and communication professionals to detect and analyze these conversations, and to identify trends and influencers, as well as brand detractors and advocates.

Sysomos provides a powerful suite of next-generation analytic services that bring business intelligence to social media. Using contextual text analytics and data mining technology, Sysomos features access to billions of conversations on blogs, micro-blogging services, video sites, message board, social networks and media services so companies can effectively and quickly listen, measure, understand and engage with the fast-moving social media landscape.

TNS Cymfony
In a world of proliferating media types, understanding what is truly influential is both more essential and more difficult than ever. TNS Cymfony provides the breadth of content, the powerful technology, and the expertise to help professionals in marketing, research, communications, and customer service make sense of it all.

Monitor your buzz.  Protect your reputation.  Listen to your customers.  Let’s be honest. There are over 100 different social media monitoring tools that you could use. Why should you pick Trackur? Because we offer powerful tools, while guaranteeing you’ll be up and running in less than 60-seconds. Your reputation doesn’t have time for a steep learning curve!

Trendrr allows you to track the popularity and awareness of trends across a variety of inputs, ranging from social networks, to blog buzz and video views downloads, all in real time. You can even compare trends to one another, monitoring and evaluating this comparison across a variety of sources.

Viralheat makes is extremely easy for you to begin tracking your brands, products or topic of interest. Don’t waste your time on pesky sales or support calls. With Viralheat, profiles are up and running in a matter of seconds and with a user friendly interface, Viralheat allows you to monitor, analyze and glean insights at blazing speeds.

Visible Technologies
Visible Technologies helps companies listen and learn what consumers are saying about them online. Its innovative TruCast platform is the industry’s most complete solution for social media analysis and participation. Visible Technologies also helps brands and individuals manage and protect their online reputations with the powerful TruView search engine solution.

Vocus Social Media Software
Vocus provides advanced, easy-to-use on-demand software for the public relations industry.  One of its tools is for social media monitoring.  It provides the ability to listen to customers and prospects,  find influencers, monitor conversations, mentions and trends and engage your public.

Yalert offers the latest in brand monitoring software & Internet monitoring technology allowing you to monitor the far, medium and near horizon in internet content as may relate to your brand, your customers brand or your partners, suppliers or general market network. Not only can Yalert protect your brand it can also aid your risk strategy and track events as may have been predicted as part of that strategy.

Google Official Accounts on Twitter

The official Google Blog has published a full list of Twitter Accounts held by each of the key Google departments. Now you can communicate directly with the development teams and be kept informed of changes in real time. It’s a big list so here goes: – our central account – for Blogger fans – user tips & updates – news, tips, tricks on our visual image search – latest headlines via Google News – from our feed reader team – updates & info on Google Voice* – news & notes from Google’s personalized homepage – news of interest to students using Google – for YouTube fans – en Espanol – solutions for IT and workplace productivity

Geo-related – Google SketchUp news – SketchUp’s 3D Warehouse – 3D modeling to build your favorite places – Earth & Maps tools for nonprofits & orgs – updates from the Google Earth team* – uses, tips, mashups -Android app for the night sky

Ads-related – for online publishers – looking out for AdWords questions and tech issues – Google Guide for AdWords Help Forum – insights for website effectiveness – re building display ads – info for publishers from Google network advertisers* – for retail advertisers – info on our digital system for more measurable TV advertising* – for U.K. tech advertisers – for U.K. retail advertisers – for advertising agencies* – for German AdWords customers – for German ad agencies – info for Portuguese-language publishers – AdWords news & tips in Russian – Spanish updates from the Inside AdWords blog – AdWords API tips

Developer & technical – from our research scientists – Google Webmaster Central – latest updates for Google developer products – Data APIs provide a standard protocol for reading and writing web data – web apps run on Google infrastructure – our initiative for complete import/export of all data – about using Google Maps embedded in websites – Google’s largest annual developer event

Culture, People – notes from our @Google speaker series – the voice of Google recruiters

Country or Region – news from the Google Arabia Blog* – Google activities in Australia & New Zealand – News & info for Brasil* – Google in Germany – News & notes in Korean* – Latin America (en Espanol) – Notes on Google policy issues in Italy

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