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20 Social Media Activities for Online Presence Management You Could Do Everyday

If you are not social media savvy and looking for personal branding or want to promote your business. The time management and your strategy on social networks will be your primary concern. Your good online presence and building professional and business relationship would not be possible by just creating basic profile, adding few friends and by publishing few posts and photos. I would like to share my personal secrets with you which can beneficial to start building your social media empire.


  1. Post status message daily on specific intervals with something engaging and interesting.
  2. Respond to all comments on your walls with concise and precise words.
  3. Comments on at least 7-10 known people’s status or updates within your network.
  4. Share upto 3-5 interesting updates that you find worthy for your friends.
  5. Wish birthdays to your friends, participate in discussion of groups or comments of fan pages you are following.


  1. Reply all mentions with full responses and details rather just saying thanks.
  2. Find 7-10 interesting and worthy things for retweeting in appeared in your timeline.
  3. Admire and recommend few people from your network, it shows your interest, mindsets and you will get same response back.
  4. Follow back at least 10-20  followers and avoid who are just seems to promote their websites and businesses.
  5. Spend 10-20 minutes to find out tweeples of same interest and manage them in your lists.


  1. Write the occasional post promoting the good work of a blog in your community
  2. Visit your blog’s comments section and comment back on at least 5 replies.
  3. Visit the blogs of the commenter if you have a few minutes more in hand and read a post or two and comment back.
  4. While on those sites, use a tool like Digg and StumbleUpon to promote their good work you will get same favor back.
  5. Share your blog’s important posts on your Facebook profile and  twitter.


  1. Accept any invitations that make sense for you to accept.
  2. If you’re growing your network invite folks whom business cards you received recently.
  3. Participate into Q&A and see if you can voluntarily help to answer 2-3 questions.
  4. Recommend every few days for people you can honestly and fully recommend.
  5. Add any relevant slide decks to the Slideshare app there, or books to the Amazon bookshelf.

Is it worthy to do daily?

Maintaining your online presence takes time. If you look at all I’ve listed above, that’s easily more than an hour of work. But it depends what the value of that presence is to you, if you’re doing this as an individual, or to your organization, if you’re doing this on behalf of a brand or product.

We’ve traded dollars for time, in lots of these equations, as we see the return on our advertising spend diminish. It’s your choice whether you want to maintain an active online presence, or if you want to get away with a bit less.

Please share thoughts and feedback below.